Addicted Loved One: Providing Support

Many people struggle with knowing how to best help an addicted loved one. While they want to offer support, they also don’t want to potentially push them away either. However, your support can play a big role in helping them get clean. In general, it’s good to adhere to some basic guidelines…

 Addicted Loved One: Offer Your Support

Understand the signs

First, it helps to know what the signs of an addicted loved one look like. You won’t want to make any potentially baseless accusations. Rather, you want to have a reasonably good idea that the loved one in question may be struggling with some kind of addiction.

While sometimes it can be very easy to tell, other times you’ll really need to look close for the signs. You may also notice different things depending on what kind of addiction is occurring. Still, if you detect a lot of the common signs in their behavior, then you can talk to them about it with a bit more certainty. This is good as they may try to deny things, so having a lot of evidence will help.

Be honest and build trust

The hardest thing for an addicted loved one to do is admit they have an addiction in the first place. For them, it could be very embarrassing, especially when a friend or family member talks to them about it. That’s why you need to make sure you focus on honesty and trust when you sit down to talk to them about it.

When you go to talk to them, be sure you do it in a private space. Be honest and compassionate with them, but also let them know what consequences could occur because of their addiction. At the same time, make sure you let them know that they can trust you to help and keep matters private until they decide to tell others. Sometimes, they need someone else to help them realize how dangerous their behavior has become.

Expect some difficulty

It isn’t always an easy process helping an addicted loved one. They may be combative, still struggle to see the issue, and have other problems which are behind their addictions. As such, you’ll need to be prepared to face some difficulty. However, if you stick with helping your loved one, you can seriously help them begin to turn things around.