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Anderson SC BUI: Have Fun. Be Safe.

If you live here in Anderson, we appreciate how beautiful Lake Hartwell is. However, we also know how many people drink while out on the lake. While everyone understands DUI is a serious criminal charge, so is BUI. And just like DUI, boaters under the influence are a serious threat to others. In addition, boats don’t have seatbelts or airbags. As a result, a boating or PWC accident is almost always bad. Consequently, BUI is becoming a priority for law enforcement. So don’t drink and boat. But if arrested, call us now.

BUI Arrest

Whether conducting a “safety inspection” or suspicious behavior, it all starts with a stop. However, once the officer smells alcohol, the stop becomes an Anderson SC BUI investigation. Rather than walk a line, police perform horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) testing and use other tools to develop their case. Hence, police will use these “tests” against you in court. If they do, you go to shore for breath testing. But just like a DUI, you can (and should) refuse to blow. Rather than lose your right to a driver’s license, you will not be able to operate a boat. In addition, expect to pay fines and substantially higher boat insurance rates, if you can get coverage at all.

Why Fight a BUI

First of all, you don’t want any type of drinking and driving charge on your record. While different than a DUI, insurance companies are getting more discriminating and may drop your coverage. In addition, laws can always change, and a prior BUI conviction may come back to haunt you. Even life insurance rates may increase for this type of criminal record. And finally, without a breath test result, it is often hard for the State to prove someone guilty. After all, everyone’s eyes are “red and glassy” with the sun shining on the water. Furthermore, after a day on the lake, you’re going to be a little unsteady when you get off the boat.

So be safe and don’t drink and boat. But if charged with an Anderson SC BUI, call for a free consultation. Call 864.760.8252 or email robert@rjrlaw.com.