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anderson sc felony dui

Anderson SC Felony DUI

The standard DUI is a misdemeanor. However, when you add in certain aggravating factors of any kind, that standard DUI can very quickly turn into a felony DUI. When your DUI becomes a felony DUI charge, you have the potential of facing prison time.

If you cause an accident involving ‘great bodily harm’, death, or serious injury, your DUI will clearly face that dreaded upgrade. Great bodily injury is defined as creating a substantial risk or death, or causing serious, permanent disfigurement, loss of limbs or organs, or impairment. When it comes to going to court for a felony DUI? There are defenses that you can use. For starters, you can challenge the impairment just like you would in any DUI defense.

Or, another option is to argue that there is no connection between the accident and the ‘alleged’ impairment. Finally, you can dispute whether that great bodily injury or death resulted from the accident. There’s no denying that these cases are pretty tough to win when they’re brought before a jury. Therefore, it’s easier and more likely to win by Motion rather than in front of the jury.

But when it comes to penalties? Felony DUI increases them dramatically. If convicted in a case with serious injury, the mandatory fine can go anywhere from $5,100 up to $10,100, and imprisonment that can range from 30 days to 15 years. If there is a resulting death? The mandatory fine can go from $10,100 up to $25,100 and imprisonment from one year to 25 years. Notice the word ‘imprisonment’. That means that you are in prison— not local jail.