Beauty Benefits: Sobriety and Your Appearance

Did you know there are beauty benefits associated with sobriety? You will start to notice them once you stop drinking. Alcohol can really take a toll on your skin and your appearance.

Beauty Benefits: What are the Effects?


Alcohol can cause skin to be inflamed. One of the beauty benefits of sobriety is a reduction of inflammation. When you are sober, you will look less puffy and bloated. Alcohol brings the blood up to the tissue, which can start to cause damage. This can result in redness, blotchiness and inflammation.


Another one for the beauty benefits of sobriety is weight loss. Alcohol is packed with calories. For example, a large glass of white wine (250ml) has approximately 190 calories. A doughnut has just about the same number of calories.  Therefore, a bottle of wine would be equal to 3 doughnuts. Likewise, a pint of beer would be one doughnut. Would you ever be willing to sit down and have 3 doughnuts at one time?

Cutting out alcohol will really cut out calories. This will help keep you from packing on unwanted pounds. This is just another benefit of getting sober.

Toxic Byproducts

First, the body metabolizes the alcohol from an enzyme in the liver. The liver releases a byproduct that is toxic to body tissues. Then, this causes the body tissues and skin to become dehydrated. This can result in premature aging of the skin, such as wrinkles. The dry skin that resulted from toxins can also lead to acne breakouts.

The way that the body processes alcohol can cause cosmetic nightmares. Ridding your body of toxic byproducts and their side-effects is yet another one of the beauty benefits that come from sobriety.

Beauty Rest

Alcohol negatively impacts your sleep. After drinking, you do not get a restful or deep sleep. Sleep is important for cellular turnover and repairing your skin. This can lead to you looking tired, with red eyes and dark circles. Your skin won’t look as refreshed or radiant either. You get a lot of beauty benefits from a good night of sleep.

Cutting back or stopping your alcohol intake will significantly impact your appearance. You will look more refreshed and radiant. You also won’t have to worry about unnecessary calories or alcohol-induced inflammation.