How-to Avoid Biking While Intoxicated

This may come as a surprise to you, but you can get a DUI while riding a bike. Actually, this is the case in all states. You should not be riding a bicycle after you have been drinking because you could hurt yourself or someone else. Learn more about to you can avoid biking while intoxicated.

How-to Avoid Biking While Intoxicated: Getting Home Safely


When you have been drinking, your judgement and coordination decreases. You could get into an accident by running into something (or someone), or even falling off your bike. Additionally, you could use poor judgment and bike out into the middle of the road with oncoming traffic. On top of that, since bikers can share the roadway with vehicles, an intoxicated bike rider could be charged with a DUI.

Do not take the risk of biking while intoxicated. It is not worth risking hurting yourself or someone else, or the legal risks. The benefits certainly do not outweigh the consequences.

Watch your Limits

First, to avoid biking while intoxicated, just watch your limits when you are drinking. Know how to pace yourself if you are having more than one drink. Also, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. If you alternate alcohol with water, you will actually drink less because you are drinking slower. Cut yourself off way before you plan on leaving so that you are sober by the time it is time to go. Eating a heavy meal before and continuing to eat while you are having a drink will help keep you from getting as intoxicated.

Have a Backup Plan

If you do end up drinking too much, make sure to have a backup plan. If a friend drove and is sober, have them give you a ride back home. You can leave your bike in a designated bike rack. Another option is depending on the size of the vehicle, perhaps your friend can haul it in their car. If it is not too far away, you could always walk your bike back home. It is best to walk back with a friend so that you get home safely. These are all great alternatives to biking while intoxicated.

Biking while intoxicated is very dangerous. You pose a risk to yourself and others. If you must ride your bike to go out to a bar or a friend’s house, make sure to have well thought-out plans about how you will get home. Then, have someone designated to make sure you stick to your plan.