Binge Drinking: Am I An Alcoholic?

For some, occasional binge drinking isn’t seen as an issue. However, this occasional heavy drinking can quickly turn into an alcohol abuse issue. Knowing the signs of this heavy drinking can help you make corrections before things becomes worse…

Binge Drinking: Know the Signs

Understand the definition

The definition for binge drink varies depending on gender. Having 4 or more drinks on one occasion is the limit for women. Furthermore, having 5 or more drinks on one occasion is the limit for men. Additionally, any drinking that gets your BAC up to .08 during one occasion also falls under this definition…

Signs and symptoms

There are several different signs which can signal binge drinking. Binge drinkers tend to drink heavily on the weekends or holidays in a way to “justify” their drinking habits. They may also become defensive or even aggressive when people raise concerns about their drinking.

Things can quickly spiral out of control for these drinkers. They may go over their limits to the point of constant blackouts. They might also neglect their personal responsibilities, and even start to crave alcohol. This kind of drinking can quickly develop into alcoholism.

Know the risks

Binge drinkers can find themselves at a much higher risk for problems compared to those who drink responsibly. Binge drinkers may start neglecting their responsibilities to drink. Additionally, their personal relationships can suffer as well.

These risks can become much more serious over time. Binge drinkers are at at higher risk for accidents and legal problems. Furthermore, they are also doing more damage to their body with their heavy drinking. Overall, heavy drinking seriously harms one’s personal relationships and health.

Ways to help

There are ways to help a binge drinker if you’re worried about them. Having an intervention can help “wake them up” to their behavior. This can show them how their drinking has caused issues so they can begin to make changes. 

You can also recommend that they get in touch with a therapist to work on their issues. Group counseling also helps binge drinkers see that they aren’t alone. It all comes down to what they would be most comfortable with. The important thing is helping them start to cut back on their drinking.