College Addiction: Common Stressors & Factors

The transition to college can be an exciting time for many students. However, it can also be a time when they develop a college addiction. There’s a few reasons as to why a college aged-student might end up struggling with some type of addiction…

College Addiction: How Did I Get Here?


Perhaps the largest reason behind a college addiction is stress. Having to go from the more-structured environment of high school to college isn’t always an easy transition. The extra workload, combined with potentially attending a school away from home and old friends, can be hard to handle on one’s own. Aside from stress, this could lead to things like anxiety and depression.

In an effort to cope with these feelings, a student might end up turning to drugs or alcohol. Of course, an addiction is just going to make things even harder for them. That’s why it’s much better for them to seek out on-campus counseling, to learn how they can manage this stress and adjust in a healthy manner.

Peer pressure

A college addiction could also occur due to peer pressure. In an effort to fit in, a student might do drugs or drink more than they would on their own. When everyone around them is encouraging them, it becomes harder for them to refuse and instead, they’ll go along with it.

This is one of the major reasons behind why college students have such high binge drinking rates. Usually, it’s because they’re at a party and want to impress their friends and other people who are there. Over time, this will lead to some pretty severe issues, both academically and health-wise.


It might be odd to think that studying can somehow end up causing a college addiction. However, it’s mainly due to a student feeling like they either can’t study effectively, or don’t have enough time. This can cause for them to look for ways to try and “boost” their studying efforts.

Many students end up turning to stimulants, such as Adderall, to get an energy boost which they think will help them better focus. The thing is, as they take these pills each time they study, they build an addiction. Ultimately, this undermines the very reason they started taking them, as their focus will be on the pills rather than their schoolwork.