Cutting Back: Limiting Your Intake

If you’re worried that you’re drinking a bit more than you should, you might want to think about cutting back. However, you might not be sure what to try to achieve this goal. As it turns out, there’s a few different strategies you can try to limit just how much you drink…

Cutting Back: Setting Goals and Limiting Alcohol

Set a goal

One way to cut back on your drinking is by setting a realistic goal for yourself. Often times, people will drink too much because they lose track of just how much they’ve had to drink. This makes it easier for them to accidentally have too much. However, having a goal in mind can keep your drinking in check.

Along with setting your goal, make sure to count each drink you have. That way, you know exactly how close you are to your goal throughout the night. Even if you start to sober up, remember your goal, as you don’t want to end up drinking more than planned even if you don’t feel drunk.

Space your drinks

Another good idea for cutting back on drinking is to space your drinks. A common problem for some drinkers is having too much alcohol in a short span of time. Due to it taking a couple minutes for our bodies to feel the effects of alcohol, this can cause some people to over-drink and end up much more intoxicated than they planned.

However, spacing your drinks with some water can help with this. For starters, it’ll prevent you from drinking too much in a short span. Plus, it’ll also help to keep you hydrated while you drink. Generally, it’s a good idea to wait about an hour after your last drink to have another.

Do something else

One way to work on cutting back on your drinking is by just avoiding these situations in the first place. If you constantly find yourself at places with alcohol, then it might help to do something else instead. You might be better off spending some time in a space where you won’t be tempted to drink. Whether it be a hobby or something similar, there’s nothing wrong with taking a few nights off of drinking.