Designated Driver: The Benefits

You may not know the benefits of being a designated driver, but there are many reasons why you should consider it. Since you ensure that others get home safely, being a designated driver (DD) is a very important role. Not only does it help others, you actually are helping yourself by being a DD as well….

Designated Driver: Helping Others Get Home Safely

No Hangover

If you’re not drinking, you won’t have to worry about feeling hungover the next morning. One of the benefits of being a designated driver is won’t wake up to a nagging headache or having to promise yourself “I’ll never drink again” as the nausea kicks in.  Plus, you’ll be much more ready to get up and go the next morning. No one enjoys a hangover, and that’s something that DD’s get to avoid.

Saving Money

It’s no secret that buying drinks while out at a bar can really add up. There are certainly some financial benefits to being a designated driver since you won’t have to purchase drinks. You’ll also avoid taxi or ride-share costs since you’ll be able to drive yourself home.

Help Your Friends Get Home Safe

Another one of the benefits of being a designated driver is that you help ensure that your friends get home safely. Since you’ll be driving them home sober, you’ll reduce the chance that they would get behind the wheel while drunk. You could be saving the lives of your friends or other people on the road.

You could also be keeping your friends out of trouble with the law. There are many serious consequences they could face if they were to get caught driving drunk.

No Regrets the Next Day

Have you ever woken up after a night out and realized you sent that text that you shouldn’t have? Or had to have a friend help you piece together your night? Or even checked your credit card statement to realize you made some unwise decisions due to alcohol? Oftentimes, people do things they regret while drinking, leaving them with many questions and regrets the next morning.

Waking up knowing what you did the night before is certainly one of the benefits of being a designated driver. You won’t have to worry about crazy photos of yourself floating around out there. You won’t have to worry how you acted, things you said, or who you contacted.

As the designated driver, you’ll still be able to have a fun night out with friends without the negative consequences that come along with drinking. You’ll also be able to save money plus contribute towards the safety and well-being of your friends. These are just some of the many benefits of being a designated driver.