Drinking Signs

Plenty of adults like to drink in order to unwind and relax. Still, it’s very easy to go overboard and drink too much. Therefore, it’s useful to know what common drinking signs look like. That way, you can tell when someone may have had too much and needs to be cut off…

Drinking Signs: What You Can Spot

Normal intoxication

Usually, the drinking signs you’ll be looking for occur when someone is getting a bit too intoxicated.  At first, they may show some subtle changes, like getting more social and talkative. This makes sense, consider how many people tend to drink in social situations. However, things can get out of hand pretty quickly.

Eventually, a person may begin to slur their words, have trouble standing up, and become very moody. They might also have bloodshot eyes and begin to smell like alcohol. When you spot these more noticeable signs, it’s time to make sure that person takes a break from drinking and has some water instead.

Alcohol abuse

Sometimes, you’ll also want to be aware of drinking signs associated with alcohol abuse. Unlike normal drinking, those who abuse alcohol won’t become intoxicated once or twice by accident. Rather, they’ll want to drink a lot despite the potential negatives. That means they’ll have some slightly different cues to watch for.

One tell-tale sign is if they binge drink. Consuming a lot of drinks in a short time is a common indicator of alcohol abuse. These people might also blackout frequently and get very aggressive or violent either towards others or themselves. Seeing someone drink like this can indicate a larger problem than just getting too drunk.

Alcohol addiction

The drinking signs which can imply an alcohol addiction tend to be a bit tougher to spot. That’s because the person drinking has usually built up a high tolerance. But, if you notice they need to drink much more in order to get as intoxicated as others, that can be a sign of alcoholism. It could also be that whenever you go and see them, they’re almost always drinking.

On the other hand, it can be very easy to tell when someone has a drinking problem. They may stay inside and drink, despite it hurting their career and relationships. They’ll also try and deny having a problem when you bring it up to them. Still, this could be because they know they do have a problem, but they need some help addressing it.