Frequently Abused Pills

Prescription pill addiction is an ever-pressing issue in this day and age. However, some people tend to abuse certain pill types over others. At first, these frequently abused pills may seem different. However, nearly every prescription can become dangerous if you fail to take it properly…

Frequently Abused Pills: A Dangerous Habit


One of the frequently abused pills out there are sedatives. There’s three different main types of sedatives which are available depending on a person’s needs. But, each type tends to address similar issues of anxiety, panic attacks, and issues with sleep.

Usually, abuse of these pills will start because of the relaxing and calming effect they create. In order to keep this feeling going for longer, people will start to take either more pills throughout the day. Abusing sedatives can cause serious issues with memory, the nervous system, and one’s ability to breathe. In the most extreme cases, it could even cause comas!


Stimulants are also another kind of frequently abused pills. Unlike sedatives, which relax a person, stimulants provide them extra energy. Usually, doctors will prescribe these pills to help with attention disorders such as ADHD. It might seem a bit odd, but research does show these pills do help those with these disorders focus.

The reason other people might abuse stimulants is because they boost dopamine levels in the brain. They’ll also take them for the energy boost they provide, which is why many students will abuse them. Some people even use them to try and lose weight! However, abuse can lead to high body temperatures and heart attacks.


Of course, opioids are perhaps the most frequently abused pills these days. After all, they’re both very powerful, and have been widely available for a long time. While doctors are cutting back on how much they prescribe opioids, these pills still see use for treating things such as chronic pain.

Due to just how powerful opioids are, this makes them very addictive as well. Even if someone takes these pills as intended, it’s still very possible for them to develop a dependency. Some side effects of addiction can include depression and digestive problems.