Getting Sober: Avoiding Pressure

With the potential health benefits that can come with quitting drinking, you might want to try getting sober. However, this can be much harder than people realize. That’s why it can be helpful to try out some specific strategies…

Getting Sober: Helpful Methods

Avoid being around alcohol

Getting sober mainly involves limiting your exposure to alcohol. This is especially key during those first initial weeks and months. After all, if you aren’t around alcohol, you’ll be less tempted to drink. That’s why you’ll want to temporarily avoid situations that have alcohol.

For example, these could be bars or parties that you know will have a lot of alcohol out. You’ll also want to not hang out with friends who you know will drink, and won’t stop despite you asking. At first, you might feel like you’re cutting yourself out socially. However, you’re just ensuring you’ll be sober for sure when you do go back out.

Have a support network

A good support network is also important for getting sober. Trying to get sober on your own can be very hard. It always help to have people to lean on for extra help when the going gets tough. That’s why a great resource to have are friends and family who support your efforts to quit drinking.

Meeting with support groups can also be very helpful. These groups, like Alcoholics Anonymous, are full of people who either went through or are going through what you are dealing with. This can help you not feel so alone, and get some good advice to assist you with your own journey.

Stay busy

Boredom is always hard to deal with when getting sober. If you don’t have anything to keep your attention, your thoughts may turn to drinking. In order to avoid this, it’s good to try and keep yourself busy to avoid the cravings.

In some cases, you might just need a short-term distraction, like chewing gum. Still, it’s also useful to look at longer-term things like new hobbies and activities like going to the gym. By immersing yourself in these, you can keep your mind off of alcohol.