Glass Shapes: Your Drinking Experience…

If you want to cut back on your drinking, then you’d think it’s just as simple as drinking less. However, the glass shapes of your drinks can actually get in the way of your plans. These glasses can be shockingly deceptive, leading you to drink more than you may think…

Glass Shapes: How It Impacts Your Drinking

Understand alcohol servings

To understand how glass shapes impact a person’s drinking, it’s important to first know what a standard drink is. Each type of alcoholic drink has a different recommended serving size. This is because each drink has different levels of alcohol in them. For instance, one 1.5-ounce shot of liquor can have up to 8 times the alcohol as a 12-ounce can of beer!

However, many places which serve alcohol don’t match these servings with their glasses. For example, restaurant wine glasses tend to be 8-10-ounces, despite a serving of wine only being 5-ounces. Plus, different brews may have different alcohol levels. Craft beers can have up to twice the amount of alcohol as normal beers, but are served in the same kind of glasses.

Deceptive sizing

Bars and other places can serve their drinks in some pretty unconventional glass shapes. They may have very tall glasses, wide glasses, or even curvy glasses. However, this can just make it harder to determine how much alcohol you’re drinking. These glasses can disperse your alcohol in a way which makes you think you’re drinking less than you really are.

As a result, people actually tend to drink more when they have these fancy glasses. When someone is drinking out of a standard glass, they can usually tell how many they can drink before they hit their limit. Shaped glasses make this harder, and so people end up underestimating the alcohol content, even when they’re trying to play it safe.

What to do

​The best thing to do to avoid deceptive glass shapes is to simply stick with what you know. Keep your drinks in glasses which match the standard serving size of your drink. If you know you’re at a place that serves drinks in uncommon glasses, try to ask for a standard one. If that’s not an option, then ask that they only fill it up to the regular serving amount. That way, you know how much alcohol you’re drinking at all times. ​