Hangover Prevention: Avoiding The Aches

One of the more painful side-effects of drinking is the hangover. Hangovers and their symptoms can make you spend the entire day resting and trying to find relief. However, there are steps for hangover prevention that you can take to help reduce the risk of experiencing these issues…

Hangover Prevention: Drinking Smart 

Drink in moderation

This method for hangover prevention is the most-straightforward, yet most effective one out there. Hangovers are the result of drinking too much and your body trying to process all of the alcohol. Therefore, watching your drinking will reduce your hangover risks considerably.

One thing you can do is set a limit for the amount of drinks you’ll have in a night. That way, you can still enjoy some drinks while not going overboard. Once you reach your limit, don’t drink anymore and instead try to stay hydrated.

Drink plenty of fluids

One of the main causes of hangovers is not drinking enough fluids alongside your alcohol. Alcohol has a dehydrating effect on your body, and the more you drink the more dehydrated you’ll be. That’s why hangover prevention has a large emphasis on staying hydrated.

Even before you start drinking, try to have a glass of water or two. Then, space out your drinks with some water in-between. Even before you go to sleep, try to have one more glass of water for extra measure. Proper hydration goes a long way in helping to prevent hangovers.

Eat beforehand

One should always try to avoid drinking on an empty stomach. Your stomach absorbs alcohol faster when you haven’t been eating. Combine this with feeling like you can drink more because you aren’t “full”, and you can quickly be on the road for a hangover.

Eating before drinking is a good idea for hangover prevention. This will help the alcohol be absorbed slower by your body. Additionally, this will also help you limit your drinking.

Hangover prevention is mostly about being aware of your drinking. After all, hangovers come about due to drinking past your limits. Taking some of these preventative measures can help you enjoy your drinking while not suffering from the hangover negatives.