Hangover Symptoms: The Unpleasant Side-Effects

When drinking, it’s easy to forget about the morning after. However, you certainly will be thinking about your drinking if you experience hangover symptoms the next day. Here’s what you can expect to feel the next morning after a night of heavy drinking…

Hangover Symptoms: The Unpleasant Side-Effects

The common signs

There are several different hangover symptoms that you can expect to experience. For example, you might feel weak, sluggish, or have a painful headache. You could also be more sensitive to lights and sounds, as well as nauseous to the point of throwing up.

Some more uncommon symptoms include shakiness, mood swings, and a rapid heartbeat. Hangovers can include any combination of these symptoms. So while you may not feel the expected hangover headache, you could easily experience other symptoms in its place.

Symptom intensity

Hangover symptoms can also vary in their intensity. While you may feel very nauseous on one occasion, you can feel no nausea during the next. Instead, you may experience another very-intense symptom in it’s place.

Symptoms tend to begin a few hours after your drinking has ended. This is due to your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) decreasing. Your symptoms will tend to peak as your BAC gets to zero, which tends to be in the morning after you wake up.

When to seek help

Experiencing more intense hangover symptoms than usual may be a sign of alcohol poisoning. These can include feelings of confusion, excessive vomiting, and low body temperatures. Slow breathing and passing out are also tell-tale signs of alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol poisoning can be life-threatening, even when minor. It’s important to quickly seek medical help. If you think that your hangover doesn’t feel right, it’s best to play it safe and head to a doctor.

A hangover is a reminder from your body to watch your drink intake. Continuing to drink too much will make hangovers more frequent and more painful for you. Remember to pace yourself and stay hydrated on the nights you drink!