How-to Ask for Help With an Addiction

One of the most difficult things to do is to ask for help with an addiction. Many times, people struggling with addiction know they need help, but do not know how to ask for it. Learn more about the steps to take with asking for help.

How-to Ask for Help With an Addiction: Steps to Take

Write a Letter

In some cases, people find writing a letter easier than talking about an issue. Writing a letter allows you to collect your thoughts and lay them out in a way that makes sense. You may even come to some realizations about your struggle that you had not even thought of. Also, when you mail or email a letter, it is suddenly out of your control. Since you can not take it back, this can be a great way to ask for help with an addiction.

Medical Professional

Another way to ask for help with an addiction would be to seek help from a medical professional. Doctors have seen and heard just about everything before, so you telling them about your struggles will not faze them. They will be a safe place to confide in. Plus, alcoholism is a disease, and doctors are experts at dealing with diseases.

Someone Who Could Relate

You could also look for someone who could relate. The best advice could come from someone who has been through been through a struggle similar to yours and has come out the other side. Additionally, people who have been in the same position as you will not be judgmental, so they will feel safe to talk to. At some point, they too likely asked for help with an addiction. Therefore, they will also be more open and willing to talk, and remember what it felt like when they were in your position. You can find out what worked, and what did not work for them. They would also be a great source of accountability.

Someone You Trust

Most people have at least one person they know and trust. However, these can be the people you do not want to let down the most. Put those fears aside and talk with that person that you trust. Even if they have no history with addiction themselves, they can still listen to you and do what they can to help you.

Not everyone struggling with an addiction will ask for help because it may be too difficult for them to do that. However, if you have any desire to get help, ask for it. This will help to lift a weight off of your shoulders as you move in the right direction.