How-to Keep Off Alcohol Weight: Lifestyle Adjustments

Alcoholic drinks can be packed with tons of calories. Before you know it, these extra calories can really catch up with you. In order to keep off alcohol weight, you will have to limit the number of calories you are drinking, and do other things to work off the extra calories. Learn more about what steps you can take to avoid packing on unwanted pounds due to drinking.

How-to Keep Off Alcohol Weight: Smarter Drinking (ADUI-A)

Drink Choices

When choosing which drink you will have, try and stick to ones that are going to have lower calories and less sugar. Mixed drinks and cocktails can be packed with sugary mixers and add-ons. Drinks like a Long Island Iced Tea, Piña Colada, or Margarita are full of sugar and calories. The more calories you drink, the more weight you will gain.

Options such as Rum and Diet Coke or Vodka and Soda Water are going to be better options, calorie-wise. Other things to consider would be a glass of Chardonnay, Bloody Mary, Bud Lite, or Gin and Diet Tonic. These have fewer calories than some options and will consume fewer calories and keep off alcohol weight.

Spread It Out

To reduce the amount you are drinking, and therefore the number of calories, you can spread out your drinks a little more so that you end up drinking less. Perhaps opt to alternate between an alcoholic beverage and then a glass of water. Throughout the course of the evening, you will end up consuming fewer drinks than you would have otherwise.

Smart Snacking

Alcohol can make you want to eat more by increasing your appetite. If you believe this will be an issue for you, try and make sure to have healthy snack or meal options readily available. If you already have something like hummus, a veggie tray, or even fruit available, you may be less likely to chow down on a pizza or nachos. By making healthier food choices while drinking, you will further be able to keep off alcohol weight


In general, staying active and exercising is an excellent way to burn off extra calories. This is not to say that you get a free pass to drink more just because you are working out. However, if you do overindulge every now and then, a healthy workout routine will help your body keep off alcohol weight. Runs, weight training, brisk walks, or even cycling classes are great places to start.