Liver Health & Potential Issues

Drinking is a typical pastime for many adults. However, much like with anything, moderation is key to enjoying responsibly while also minding your body. When it comes to drinking as well as taking prescriptions of any kind, your liver is at the forefront of organs that are affected. Therefore, when it comes to drinking or taking pills and liver health, it’s important to understand the function of your liver as well as how it is affected by what you put into your body. In short, liver health is extremely important to your all-around health. So, we’re going to take some time and make sense of it all. Therefore, together, we might just help you to avoid potential health issues

Liver Health: Prevent Issues

How the liver works

First of all, when working to understand liver health and how these activities play into it, you first need to know how the liver works. Your liver is the only organ that is larger than your skin! At any point in time, your liver has the capacity to hold one pint of blood— making up 13% of all the blood in your body. The reason behind your liver holding so much blood is because it’s main job is to filter blood. Your digestive tract filters blood through the liver before it is sent back into the body.

The liver and alcohol

Now that we understand the liver itself a little bit better, now we’re going to figure out just how alcohol affects it’s function. Alcohol is pretty common when it comes to poor liver health. When you drink, your stomach absorbs alcohol before it passes into the bloodstream (enter, digestive tract). The blood then moves from the stomach to the liver, which then begins filtering out the alcohol and breaking it down. As a rule of thumb, it generally rakes one hour for your liver to filter one alcoholic beverage.

However, one important thing to understand is that the liver can only process so much at one time. Therefore, whatever your liver is unable to process goes into the bloodstream, which is how we reach intoxication. When you drink heavily, or regularly, it puts strain on your liver and begins causing damage to it. This is how liver health becomes compromised and we see disease, cancer, or even scarring.

The liver and pills

Lastly, prescription pills also have a similar effect on liver health. Certain ingredients in pills of any kind can cause damage in high amounts, even when they’re over-the-counter. This is why it’s so important to mind the time constraints listed on your pill bottles. When you put more than the required dosage in within a certain time span, you are open to certain damages. This is why prescription pills or alcohol can have such a negative effect on your liver health.