Opioid Health Risks: Short & Long-Term

Opioids, much like alcohol, can have some negative impacts on your overall health. Still, not too many people are aware of what negatives look like. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of opioid health risks. That way, you can know what to watch for…

Opioid Health Risks: What To Know

Confusion and drowsiness

Confusion and drowsiness are some common short-term opioid health risks. Opioids mainly take effect inside our brains. This is because the drugs target special receptors for pain relief. The opioids mimic the natural pain relieving chemicals our body makes, which reduces pain and creates a feeling of calmness.

However, this process can also lead to some unintended, but common side effects. Feelings of confusion and drowsiness are some of the most common which people experience. Due to this, many prescriptions will state that you should avoid doing things like driving while under the influence of opioids just in case.

Addiction and withdrawal

Perhaps the biggest of the opioid health risks is addiction. Opioids are highly addictive, and many times people don’t even realize when an addiction is starting. Usually, this starts slowly by them building a dependence. Before they realize it, they need to take opioids in order to even function normally.

Once this dependence has started, it can be very hard to break it. Mainly, this is because of the withdrawal symptoms.Things like anxiety, nausea, irritability, and muscle pains are just some of the most-common symptoms. For some people, these symptoms are enough to make them continue taking opioids instead of trying to get clean.

Other addictions

Another of the opioid health risks to be aware of are how an opioid addiction can lead to other ones. Once someone develops an addiction, they’ll struggle if they can’t renew their prescription. This can leave them looking for some kind of alternative.

Due to how powerful opioids are, these people will try and find something which matches it. Usually, this leads them to dangerous drugs like heroin. Recently, counterfeit pills have also been growing in popularity. However, these pills tend to be poorly made, and lead to a lot of accidental deaths.