Prescription Addiction: How Addiction Begins

A lot of people know how dangerous alcohol can be when abused. However, many people don’t understand dangers that comes along with prescription pills because they’re legal and prescribed. In fact, prescription addiction often went unnoticed before the opioid crisis got national coverage. Knowing the common reasons behind addiction can help you see why this has become such a problem…

Prescription Addiction: Common Reasons

To relieve pain

One of the most common reasons for prescription addiction is pain relief. In fact, it might just be the most common of the reasons. According to SAMHSA, in 2015, 63.4% of those who abused these pain killers like opioids stated they did so to relieve pain. By contrast, only 11.7% said they misuse their pills in order to get high or feel good.

Many times, this pain is chronic, so these people have to deal with it all the time. As a result, they’ll be prescribed these pain killers to help. However, due to how addictive they are, many will get hooked on them. But, because of how they help with their pain, they’ll keep taking them, even when they begin to do more harm than good.

To stay awake and focus

Of course, pain killers aren’t the only pills that people misuse. There’s also stimulants, which have their own prescription addiction reasons. For these pills, which doctors usually prescribe to help with things like ADHD, 28.4% of people abuse them in order to stay awake. Right under that, 26.2% use them to better concentrate.

However, the third most-common reason shines some light on who is abusing them. 22.4% of people stated that they misuse these drugs in order to better study. This, combined with the other two reasons, shows how students in particular tend to get hooked on these drugs. The energy they give makes them appealing for busy students who need to get a lot done in a short time span.

To relax

You may have heard about drugs like Xanax also being something many people have started to misuse. The reasons behind these prescription addictions are pretty straightforward. 46.2% of people claimed they misused these drugs in order to feel relaxed and reduced tension.

However, this is because these pills are depressants. They help the body and the brain “slow down”, and usually people take them to help with anxiety. However, taking these pill too often, or too much at once, amplifies these effects to potentially dangerous levels.