Relax Without Alcohol: Find Your Zen

When trying to quit drinking, one of the hardest steps can be relaxing. For many people, they aren’t sure how to relax without alcohol. However, there are a few techniques you can use to help you mellow out…

Relax Without Alcohol

Do some deep breathing

Deep breathing and meditation are good ways to relax without alcohol. One of the major reasons people like to drink and unwind is due to stress or negative thoughts. If you don’t have alcohol to fall back on, then that stress may start to build up and get worse over time.

By doing some deep breathing and meditation, though, you’ll help yourself calm down. When you feel that stress build up, try to take a moment and stop what you’re doing. Then, take a couple deep breaths while thinking about why you’re stressed, and how to tackle those issues without drinking. After all, alcohol won’t solve what’s stressing you out!


Exercising might not seem like a good way to calm down at first. In reality, it’s actually great if you’re looking for ways to relax without alcohol. Exercising helps our bodies burn off a lot of excess stress. When we work out, we enter this meditative-like state and our overall mood tends to improve by quite a bit.

Plus, after a good workout, you might feel tired, but you’ll also feel less stress for the rest of the day. Trying out new workouts is a fun way to mix up your usual routine when things get a bit repetitive. Plus, the health benefits that come with exercise are also great for reducing stress.

Pick up a hobby

Hobbies are another good way to relax without alcohol. Having a hobby to invest yourself in will reduce stress and take your mind off of drinking. Also, depending on the hobby, it can be a great way to meet other people with similar interests, and potentially make some new friends.

One type of hobby which is popular is gardening. Others may prefer painting, writing, or some other kind of artistic endeavor. Whatever you decide to do, what matters is you find enjoyment in it. Be sure to look for local clubs as well to see if others nearby feel the same!