Responsible Drinking: Avoiding Alcohol Negatives

With all the things going on currently, some people may like to enjoy a drink to help them relax. Still, it’s important to practice responsible drinking. Doing so will help you reduce the chances of experiencing the dangerous negatives of alcohol…

Responsible Drinking: Pulling It Off

Assess your current intake

Responsible drinking starts with looking at what your current alcohol intake is like. This can help you determine if you need to make some minor adjustments, or if things need a total overhaul. For instance, do you drink a lot in a short time? That could be a sign that you’re a binge drinker, which is quite risky.

It helps to look at how frequently you drink, and how many drinks you have at a time. Be sure to take a good, honest look at your intake. You don’t want to try and “rationalize” unhealthy habits. Instead, recognizing them is an important part of turning things around.

Set a limit

One good way to practice responsible drinking is by setting a limit. Doing this will give you a specific “cutoff” you can stick too. That way, you don’t end up drinking any more than you originally intended.

It can be useful to have some kind of record of your drinks as well. This will help you ensure you don’t accidentally go over your limit if you lose count. While some people prefer to use a journal, using the notes app on your phone can be easier, and allow you to have a quick reference when you need it.

Prepare properly

It’s also good to prepare beforehand when you want to do some responsible drinking. The main ways to do this are by eating enough as well as drinking enough water. You can also try and limit how much alcohol you have so you won’t be tempted to drink more. Not doing these things could cause you to go over your limit.

Drinking on an empty stomach will not only feel unpleasant, but it could tempt you to drink more. Same if you drink without having any water beforehand. Also, if you limit the alcohol you have, then you won’t have to worry about drinking more than you want. Taking the time to prep can help you ensure your drinking stays at a healthy level.