Sober Diet: Making Positive Changes

Those looking to make some healthier changes in their diets might start by changing what they drink. However, for those who are getting sober, they’ll need to look elsewhere. Having a good sober diet is not just important for the health benefits. It’ll also help you to remain clean…

Sober Diet: Helpful Changes

Have a healthy routine

The first step to any sober diet is making sure you have a healthy eating routine. Many people who were battling an addiction tend to not have good eating habits. Rather than eating the standard three meals a day, they may either sporadically eat too much or not enough throughout the course of the day.

Therefore, you want to work on correcting this. Be sure that you get the three meals a day which your body needs. This not only helps you get your proper nutrition, but it also helps get you back on a schedule and bring some extra structure into your life.

Avoid sugar

Those recovering from either drug or alcohol addiction should avoid having sugar in their sober diet. When those with an alcohol addiction stop drinking, they tend to see a drop in their blood sugar levels. In turn, they end up craving sugar in order to try and replace this feeling.

It’s a similar situation for those recovering from a drug addiction. High sugar intake can feel similar to the dopamine released by the drugs, leading to similar cravings. That’s why you’ll want to opt for sugar-free options for food whenever you can, or just avoid sugary foods outright.

Eat easy foods

It can be helpful to start your sober diet off with some easy-to-eat foods. These should be food choices which won’t upset your stomach. Those who had been dealing with an opioid addiction especially tend to suffer from issues with digestion, even as they’re getting clean.

For example, try to incorporate foods like oatmeal and rice into your diet, which are really easy on the stomach. You’ll also want to eat foods which are high in fiber, such as fruits and vegetables. Doing so will help keep your digestive system healthy and make adapting to your new diet a lot easier.