How-to Avoid Unsafe Social Drinking

Many people are aware of the term “social smoker.” However, there are also social drinkers as well. It’s important to know how you can keep your drinking within safe boundaries if you are a more sociable drinker…

How-to Avoid Unsafe Social Drinking: Helpful Moderation

What is social drinking?

Like its name implies, social drinking is when someone tends to drink while in a social setting. In the U.S., this kind of drinking is very popular. There’s a whole host of occasions at which people will drink together. Some common ones include birthdays, weddings, and holidays.

As for why people drink, it mainly comes down to wanting to socialize easier. Alcohol is seen as a way for people to unwind and relax. By drinking, people are able to feel more at-easy talking with others, even if they don’t know them all that well.

Possible risks

In general, social drinking usually doesn’t lead to alcoholism. Most people are able to keep their drinking under control. However, for some, this sort of drinking can lead to issues. Mainly, it comes down to how much they drink, and why they may feel the need to do so.

For instance, some people may feel pressured by their friends to drink a lot when they’re with them. This kind of binge drinking can cause them to develop a very serious addiction to alcohol. Others may feel that they need to “make the most of their time” and drink a lot as part of that. As such, they have way more than they should to drink.

Staying safe

The most important thing about safe social drinking is keeping a limit. Having a set amount of drinks in mind will ensure that you don’t have too many when you go out. Make sure you properly space those drinks out over the course of the event as well.

If you’re seriously trying to curb your drinking, then you may also want to opt for non-alcoholic drinks instead. These drinks will not only be healthier, but help you not feel left out. Even if everyone else is drinking, you can still have something to enjoy alongside them.