Alcohol During Quarantine: Avoiding Excessive Drinking

Covid-19 has caused increased stress and loneliness, causing people to turn to alcohol during quarantine. People are unable to do normal activities, see friends or visit loved ones. Others have lost jobs, or have to work in dangerous conditions. With all of the isolation, boredom, fear and stress this pandemic has brought, it’s no surprise that alcohol consumption has increased. Instead of turning to a bottle, find another outlet to keep you occupied during quarantine.

Alcohol During Quarantine: Alternatives

Give Someone a Call

Instead of trying to drown your boredom and loneliness with alcohol during quarantine, use this time to connect with people you’ve lost touch with. If you’re feeling lonely, chances are, they could be too. You could always call someone on the telephone. Also, there are many virtual video call options now available so that you can see a familiar face. Facetime and Zoom are becoming quite popular during this time. You could even set a routine call schedule, so that you are accountable to talking to your friends or family on a weekly basis. There are even ways you can play games with others while on a video call. For example, is a great party game that can be played on your phone or computer over a call.

Take a Class

Instead of turning to alcohol during quarantine, use the extra free time to learn something new. Many universities and programs are offering free courses right now. For instance, Yale is offering their most popular course, The Science of Well-Being, for free! There are courses you can take in many different subjects at no charge. From coding to digital marketing, and finance to cooking, the options are endless. There are websites that have lists of the courses available.


A healthy alternative to alcohol during quarantine is to spend time exercising. You may not be able to go to a gym, but there are many alternatives. Go for a walk or a run in your area. There are also many workout classes available on Youtube. These include yoga, pilates, zumba, strength training and many more.

Home Projects

Perhaps there are projects around home that you have been putting off? Since you’re spending more time at home, this is a perfect time to improve your home.  Instead of turning to alcohol during quarantine, look around your house and see what you could do. It could be something small like just tidying up or organizing. Or, it could be bigger projects like painting or even doing a renovation.

If you have a yard, you could plant some flowers, remove weeds, put out mulch or trim back hedges. A larger scale project example could be laying stones for a patio, or doing a renovation to make your outdoors more enjoyable to hang out in.

While the pandemic has certainly disrupted everyone’s lives, there are many ways to occupy yourself besides turning to alcohol during quarantine. Instead of falling into loneliness and depression, connect with old friends, learn something new, or make your home more cozy with your new found free time.