How-to Watch Your Alcohol Tolerance

There’s a lot of factors behind a person’s ability to handle alcohol. One of the main factors to consider is alcohol tolerance. Depending on your tolerance, you may or may not be able to handle certain amounts of drinks…

How-to Watch Your Alcohol Tolerance: Safe Limits

What is tolerance?

Most people would say that they feel like they can drink more now before feeling drunk than they could when they started drinking. This is because of their alcohol tolerance. As you get more experience with drinking, your body becomes more used to the effects of alcohol. As such, the same amount of alcohol which used to make you feel tipsy no longer does. Still, for some people, they’ll have a lower tolerance even if they’ve been drinking for a while. There’s a lot of reasons as to why this may be. Things like a person’s age, weight, and metabolism can all impact their tolerance levels.

Potential concerns

The issue with increasing alcohol tolerance is how it can encourage unhealthy drinking habits. Due to a person not feeling the effects like they did before, they may end up drinking more in a short time span. However, this ends up causing all that alcohol to hit them at once. In turn, they end up way more drunk than they intended. This can result in some long-term issues as well. When a person begins to drink more to feel the same effects, this translates to more overall alcohol consumption. Not only can these lead to health issues, but it can even cause a person to develop an addiction.

Possible solutions

Alcohol tolerance is a bit of a difficult thing to work around. However, the easiest way to manage it is by simply limiting your drinking. The less you drink, the lower your tolerance will get. Eventually, your body may get back to levels similar to when you first started to drink. Still, when you do get to this point, you have to be careful. It can be easy to raise your tolerance back up and undo all the work you’ve done. Be sure you properly space out your drinks to ensure that you keep your tolerance at an acceptable level.