Drinking Games: Not All Fun and Games

While drinking games can be fun, many people do not realize the hidden dangers they pose. It’s not uncommon for drinking games to be played at parties, especially in college. These activities may seem innocent and harmless. However, beer pong and flip cup aren’t always fun and games.

Drinking Games: The Hidden Dangers

Lack of Control

You don’t always have control of who is making your drinks while playing drinking games. In a brewery or a bar, you can see how much is poured. When others are making your drinks during a game, you likely won’t be paying attention to what is going in it. You may have no control of how much alcohol is in your drink and be unaware of how much you’re drinking. In the same way, you may know what other things someone could be dropping into your drink.

High Consumption Rates

You may not realize how much you end up drinking during a drinking game. Even if you are controlling how much alcohol is poured into your cup during the game, the competitive nature of drinking games may increase the rate or frequency of you drinking them. Before you know it, you may have finished far more alcohol than you typically would have in the same amount of time.

Behavior Changes

When drinking, your behaviour can change. Drinking games can bring out a highly competitive side of people. This could lead to others around you, or even you, acting out. By drinking responsibly, you can help reduce the chances of getting into a fight, verbal or physical, with someone around you.

Alcohol Poisoning

One risk of drinking games is alcohol poisoning. This can happen if you drink too much in too short of time. Since drinking games can increase the amount and speed of your alcohol consumption, the chances for alcohol poisoning are increased. Know your limits, watch out for your friends and have them watch out for you.

Signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning can include vomiting, passing out, low body temperature and irregular breathing. Keep in mind that these are not the only signs that can occur, and even a coma and death can result.

The next time you’re at a party and someone suggests drinking games, play carefully and don’t go overboard. You can also be a spectator to avoid the risks of participating. If you are watching others play, make sure to keep an eye out for your friends so that they don’t end up in trouble either.