Drugged Driving: Unexpected DUI Charges

It’s impossible to drive safely while under the influence. That’s why drunk driving is so dangerous. However, drugged driving can be just as risky. Still, not too many people believe that it’s something they need to worry about…

Drugged Driving: How It’s Dangerous

Impairing substances

Drugged driving, as you may expect, occurs when you take a substance that impairs your ability to drive safely. For example, marijuana impacts your ability to focus, coordinate, and react to changes on the road. Meanwhile, something such as cocaine will make a driver much more aggressive and reckless then they normally would be.

Recently, prescription and over-the-counter medications have also become prevalent causes of drugged driving. Aside from general abuse, those who do take them correctly aren’t aware of the side-effects and try to drive anyways. These side-effects, like drowsiness and dizziness, can be just as dangerous as those caused by more-illicit drugs.

Spotting issues

Just like with drunk driving, drugged driving is illegal in every state. Despite this, many drivers don’t view it as being as “bad” as driving drunk. Mainly, this is because of how hard it can be to recognize the potential signs of impairment.

For instance, it’s pretty easy for you to tell when someone is too drunk to drive. For other drugs, though, their effects can be a lot harder to spot, or they take longer to show up. As a result, someone may think they’re safe to drive, until they realize too late that isn’t the case.

What to do

Preventing drugged driving is mainly about awareness. Both those who take these drugs and those who are around them need to know how dangerous it can be if they were to drive. This is especially true for those who take prescription medication. You’ll want to be fully aware of the side-effects and how they can limit your ability to drive safely.

Additionally, it helps to have other driving options to choose from. This could be a close friend, or something like a ride sharing service. That way, you can get to where you need to go without needing to get behind the wheel yourself.