Life Post-DUI Conviction

Receiving a DUI is a pivotal point in life for people. There’s a sinking feeling that comes with it and you might wonder what will come of the whole situation. While the court follows a certain set of protocol, there isn’t really a how-to on getting back to your normal life after a DUI. While it might be difficult, your life post-DUI conviction will get back on track. However, taking those first steps is vital…

Life Post-DUI Conviction: Getting It Straight

Support Groups

There are plenty of groups out there to support you. While every situation is different, so many people have similarities to yours. Support groups are a great way to get help in your life post-DUI conviction. The people who make up these groups are always willing to help and lend an ear or give advice.


It is not always the case that your DUI was a result of alcohol abuse. A lot of the time, it is an isolated incident. This doesn’t mean acquiring a new hobby isn’t a good idea. A hobby is great way for your to improve your life post-DUI conviction. Hobbies provide outlets for emotions, energy, and commitment. Additionally, new hobbies will bring new friends.


At some point during your life-post DUI conviction revelation, you should re-evaluate what parts of your life are healthy and what parts are not so much. This can be different things. Sometimes friends might not be healthy influences on your new life. Other times, it could be your habits/lifestyle that isn’t healthy. Sometimes it could even be your job that is a negative influence. If any of these things are affecting your life, don’t hesitate to make a change.

Make Peace

Know that mistakes happen. Make peace with others who have been affected by your DUI. After this, make peace with yourself. Forgive yourself for anything you’ve done in your own time. Your entire life post-DUI conviction does not have to be defined by one mistake. Do what you need to do to make it right with the law, with those who were affected, and with friends and family. Once they forgive you, it will be easier to forgive yourself.