New Year’s Eve Safety: Drunk Driving

New Year’s Eve is a time of renewal, rejoice, and celebration. In fact, on this night more than any other— people come out in the masses to ring in the new year and drink with their friends. However, just like any other night of the year— more people out drinking, means more potential drunk drivers on the road. While many people will account for their getting home plans, or even rent a hotel— many others do not.​When you combine this issue with that of not being able to find a ride— or one that costs hundreds of dollars to cross town, driving might feel like an only option to some.According to, there are 71% more drug and alcohol-related crashes between New Year’s Eve evening, and New Year’s Day morning.

New Year’s Eve Safety: Drunk Driving

Drunk driving deaths have come down in the last forty years, according to some statistics. However, we see and hear about these accidents every day. Someone thought they were fine to drive, or even knew they weren’t— and took the risk. Next thing you know, that person is a story on the news, lost to their family, or at the very lest— spending the next ten years with a DUI on their record.

Make transportation plans before any other plans

The key to a safe New Year’s Eve, is basing your plans around getting home, or sleeping somewhere. Stay with a friend who lives within walking distance of your celebration spot. Or, designate a driver who will honor their word and not drink. Start your New Year’s prep by tackling the most important part of your plan— safe transport.

Furthermore, if you know you’ll have to get a ride home— set money aside throughout the year to cover it. An Uber or Lyft home on NYE is going to be pricy. But, if you know that, and prepare for that price throughout the year, you’ll be ready to pay and not sweat it as you head towards your own bed.

Drunk driving is easy to avoid…

A large misconception that many people have, is that they had to drink and drive. Getting home is important, there’s no ride in site, and you live too far away to leave your car. While all of these reasons can seem justified in the moment, they’ll feel silly when you’re facing injury, DUI, or a fatal accident.

New Year’s Eve is meant to be a joyous start to a new year. A fresh start, and a time for fun with friends. Don’t soil that good time by riding in 2019 from the back of a police car…