Opioid Abuse Behavior: Common Indicators

It can be a bit easy to tell when someone has had too much to drink. However, noticing opioid abuse behavior can be a lot trickier. However, there are a few common indicators which can help you see if someone is abusing their pills…

Opioid Abuse Behavior: Noticeable Signs

Sudden mood swings

One example of opioid abuse behavior can be sudden mood swings. You may notice that at first, this person appears to be pretty spaced out and relaxed. Then, they’ll suddenly become irritated and get angry at everyone. Or, they could go from being happy and motivated to depressed and with no motivation.

This could be a result of the dopamine opioid pills release. This high can make a person feel very happy or relaxed while it lasts. Yet when it wears off, they can suddenly find themselves crashing and doing a total reversal. If you know the person in question has some kind of prescription, then this could be a sign there’s some misuse going on.

Secrecy and dishonesty

Another common example of opioid abuse behavior is when someone acts very shady. They may not want to share personal info with you or those close to them because they want to hide their abuse. Due to this, they’ll try and make up excuses as to why they can’t go do thing or why you can’t come over. They may even spend nearly all their time inside and away from others.

Even if you present them with evidence of their misuse, they may still try to deny it. For example, you could find a lot of empty pill bottles scattered around their house or car. However, when you ask them about it, they’ll try and make some excuse. The reality is that they’re probably abusing their pills.

Constant pill taking

Of course, one of the most apparent forms of opioid abuse behavior is when someone is constantly taking pills. Usually, most people will take their prescriptions when they’re at home, before going out. Sometimes, if they’re out for a while, they’ll bring their prescription just in case. That way, they can take a new dose when it’s time.

For someone who is abusing their pills, they’ll bring them pretty much everywhere. They may constantly come up with excuses to go somewhere for a moment in order to take them. It could be that they reach a point where they take them whenever they want. This is a pretty clear sign that their intake has gotten out of control.