Pill Addiction

Prescription pill addiction is currently one of the most pressing issues. As a result, it’s important to know who is at the most risk of developing an addiction. Being aware of these factors can help you recognize if you or someone you know might be at a higher risk…

Pill Addiction: Who’s At Risk

Those with a presription

It might seem pretty obvious that those who have a pill prescription are also at a high risk of pill addiction. However, it usually depends on what that prescription is for. Chronic pain is the most common reason why someone will get a prescription. It’s also why so many develop additions.

As they continue to take the pills, they build up a tolerance. This leads many of them to take more pills to achieve similar effects. Eventually, this turns into a dependence. Still, doctors are becoming more aware of the risks, and are better monitoring their patients and their pill usage.

Past addictions

Those who have had addictions in the past are also at a higher risk of pill addiction. Any type of past drug addiction increases the odds of a person getting hooked onto pills. This also applies to tobacco and alcohol. Once your body has already developed one type of addiction, it’s easier to develop others.

Genes can also play a factor. Many of those who have developed addictions have a family history of addiction. This is because they’ve inherited genes which place them at a higher risk. In fact, half of a person’s likelihood of becoming addicted is due to their genes.

Young adults

Pill addiction is something that can happen to anyone. But, it’s young adults in particular who have a higher risk and where it’s most common. In fact, 12% of adults ages 18 to 25 have claimed to take pills for non-medical reasons. There’s a few reasons as to why this is.

For starters, young adults are more willing to experiment with different drugs. Many are willing to try something at least once, but that could be enough for them to start developing an addiction. Others will use them for studying or test taking, as some types will boost their ability to focus.