Recovery Apps: Useful Tools

Modern smartphones have become a part of everyday life for many people. With so many apps available, it isn’t surprising that there are some recovery apps you can use as well. These apps tend to be the most popular among those who are in the process of recovering and trying to stay sober…

Recovery Apps: Popular Picks


SoberTool is one of the recovery apps which aims to help people struggling to keep sober. In those early days and months, the chances of a relapse are at their highest. SoberTool aims to help people stick to their plans by keeping track of the total days you’ve been sober, as well as things like how much money you’ve saved in the process.

The app also offers support for those times of crisis where you feel you may relapse. For example, if you select an option that you’re worried about relapsing, the app will pull up helpful info and advice. Plus, the community feature makes it easy to meet people who are in the same situation as you and can offer assistance.

Sober Grid

Social media is a bit tricky when you’re in recovery. On the one hand, it lets you get in touch with people all over at nearly any time. This can be handy if you’re trying to connect with support networks. At the same time, it may also create unreasonable recovery expectations. That’s why it isn’t too surprising that some recovery apps are trying to work around this.

One of these apps is Sober Grid. This app presents itself as a “sober social media platform” for those who are recovering from addiction. The app heavily focuses on encourages people to reach out, make connections, and build a healthy support network without the risks of regular social media.

AA Big Book App

Other recovery apps look to provide you helpful info whenever you need it. This is what the AA Big Book App attempts to do. While not an official Alcoholics Anonymous app, it effectively takes the content of their Big Book and puts it all in one location on your phone.

This makes the app great for those who are beginning recovery or have been doing it for some time. It also comes with extra features like personal stories and podcasts. There’s even a built-in meeting finder, so you can find a group that’s close to your location!