Safe Riding: Getting Home in One Piece

While it can be good to watch how much you drink, there might be some days where you have a bit too much. In these cases, you’ll need to figure out how to get back home. However, there’s a few options to use for safe riding. That way, you can avoid even thinking about doing any drunk driving…

Safe Riding: Avoid Drunk Driving

Designated driver

The designated driver concept is perhaps the best way to practice safe riding. The idea is pretty simple, but highly effective. One person will remain sober while everyone else will drink. Then, this sober person will handle the driving duties and get everyone home safely.

The nice thing about designated driving is that it’s something everyone can do. In fact, most people tend to rotate responsibilities in order to keep things fair. One person who drank previously might become the designated driver next time. Plus, it’s also a great way to hang out with friends while trying to cut back on your drinking.

Ride sharing

Recently, ride sharing apps have become handy for practicing safe riding. These apps allow you to have someone come pick you up at nearly any location. This makes them especially handy for if you find yourself accidentally drinking too much, and not having a designated driver on hand.

Of course, much like a taxi, you’ll have to pay a fare in order to ride. These fares can go up during busy days, like the weekends. Therefore, keep this in cost in mind as part of your budget when going out. Still, paying these prices is always better than driving drunk.

Calling someone you know

If you find yourself in need of a ride, and don’t have access to other options, then it’s time to call someone you know. This could be a friend you know, or a family member. Hopefully, they’ll be able to come to where you are and give you a ride.

Keep in mind this can be tricky, as they might be busy themselves. Plus, it is somewhat inconvenient for the person you’re calling, so it helps to try and repay the favor somehow. Therefore, the best thing is to have a surefire safe riding plan set up beforehand.