Self-Medicating: Why It’s Dangerous

There’s a lot of reasons as to why someone may use drugs or alcohol. Perhaps one of the most common reasons is when people are self-medicating.  While they may think that they’re helping themselves, they could be doing more damage in the long run…

Self-Medicating: Potential Risks

Why self-medicate?

When someone is self-medicating, it means they’re trying to use alcohol or another drug to offset a problem they’re having. These issues can be both physical and psychological. For instance, someone could try and self-medicate to handle an injury they have. Or, they may do so in an effort to feel better when they feel depressed on anxious.

This process also tends to be “easier” for them than seeking professional help. Instead of going to a doctor or specialist, they can just buy their drink or drug of choice. For them, the faster “relief” they get makes it more advantageous in their eyes.

Possible dangers

Of course, self-medicating is certainly not a safe choice. For starters, there’s a very high risk of accidentally taking a dangerous dosage. Many people who self-medicate end up taking high amounts in order to try and “amplify” the relief. In turn, they can easily overdose and develop an addiction.

Plus, it could be that these efforts are actually making things worse. Long-term substance abuse can lead to a wide variety of health issues. Withdrawal symptoms in particular can really be hard to deal with when you can’t satisfy your cravings. Dealing with those symptoms and your previous ones at the same time can be a very hard thing to manage.

Getting help

If you worry that you’re self-medicating, there’s a few things you should reflect on. First, consider what sort of substances you’re taking, why you’re using them, and how much you’re taking. Should you realize that your usage may be an issue, then you can start to make some good changes.

In particular, you’ll want to seek some professional help. Discussing things with your doctor can help you realize what exactly is going on. They can also provide you with resources to help you get the right kind of treatment that you need.