Sober Stress: Sticking To Your Goals

Stress is present in most adult lives. However, we all have different ways of managing it. Maybe your typical stress reliever is a glass of wine at the end of the day. However, if you’re trying to get sober, this isn’t an option. When facing sober stress, you have to find ways to relax and manage emotions outside of alcohol. While it might not be your typical route, it is one that will encourage you to make the improvements you’ve been working for.

Sober Stress: Relax And Prioritize


One of the most common causes of any stress, sober stress included, is having too much to do all at once. This can be especially common for someone who is quitting drinking. As you try and get things back on track, you can quickly feel like there’s just so much you need to do, and not enough time to get it finished.

To help prevent getting overwhelmed, it’s good to take some time and plan. Figure out what you need to do right away, what can wait, and what is optional. By being able to prioritize, you can reduce a lot of that stress you’ve been dealing with.

Write your thoughts

Another helpful way to manage your sober stress is through writing. Keeping a journal is handy because you can write in it at pretty much any time. For instance, while talking to others is another good way to reduce stress, you may not be able to do that every time you’re dealing with stress.

On the other hand, you can easily keep a journal with you and write when you feel stressed. You can even make use of journal apps on your phone to make it even more convenient! Having a place to work out your thoughts is great for putting your worries in a more-clear light and letting go of some stress.


There’s a reason that exercise is great for relieving sober stress. Science has shown that exercising helps our brains release dopamine and lower stress levels. In effect, you transfer all that negative energy from your mind and out through your workout.

The nice thing too is that you don’t need to do anything crazy to get those stress-relieving benefits. Just going on a walk or doing some daily at-home workouts can go a long way. Not to mention the other health benefits you’ll get as well!