Staying Safe at a Bar During Covid-19

With so many things changing, you may be wondering about staying safe at a bar during Covid-19. While the new coronavirus (COVID-19) is very present, the need for social interaction with your close friends is growing as well. As human beings and social creatures, it’s understandable to fill that need of seeing people. If you do decide to go out with friends, here are some suggestions to consider that may decrease the chance of catching or spreading the virus…

Staying Safe at a Bar During Covid-19: Precautions

Inside or Outside?

First, a big way of staying safe at a bar during Covid-19 is to sit outside. Enjoy the beautiful weather you may have and sit outside. Airflow seems to play a role in decreasing the spread of the virus, so being outside instead of an air-conditioned room is a less risky situation.

Masks are a Must

If you are not drinking or eating, wear a mask. Research suggests that wearing a mask can reduce the chance of you passing the virus to someone else. In the same way, it can also reduce your chance of catching it. Think of a mask as a way to add another accessory to your wardrobe! By wearing a mask, you can help keep yourself and others safe at a bar during Covid-19.

Social Distancing

Lately, we’ve all been told to stay socially distant from others. While it may not be easy to do at a table, try to keep your distance from your friends while you can. A key step in staying safe at a bar during Covid-19 is to avoid hugs or handshakes. It’s better to have the chance to see someone in person at a distance than not at all. These small sacrifices now can play a big role in getting life back to normal in the future.

Don’t Go Out if You Are Sick

If you are sick, stay home. Even if you are not showing symptoms, please stay home and wait two weeks before going out. If you at a bar sick, you’re not helping others stay safe at the bar during Covid-19. Part of being a great neighbor is caring for others. Staying home while sick is the best thing you can do for your community. Instead, you could watch some Netflix or read a book. Also, you should rest up so that when you are healthy, you can get back to the ‘new normal’ way of life. While the coronavirus has changed many things about how we live, there are things you can still do if you plan properly. By taking these precautions, you can increase the chances of staying safe at a bar during Covid-19. Be not only a responsible drinker, but a responsible citizen. Keep in mind that every state or county may have different laws about bars in your area.