Wine Storage: Keep it Fresh

Wine is a bit of a fickle drink. It’s pretty easy for it to spoil, especially when compared to something like liquor. Therefore, it’s important to know the proper way to do wine storage. Storing your wine correctly can help keep it fresh and aging for as long as you need…

Wine Storage: Don’t Let it Spoil

Keep it in a cool, dry place

Have you ever wondered why a lot of wine storage occurs in places like cellars? It turns out, this isn’t just for convenience. It’s actually very important for keeping it from spoiling. After all, wine is basically fermented grape juice, so it needs to be kept at a proper temperature.

Therefore, you want to keep your wine in cooler areas. The best temperature range to aim for is 70 degrees F or lower. Any higher, and your wine might begin to spoil. If you don’t have something like a cellar, the best alternative is the fridge, just to be on the safe side.

Avoid the light

Temperature isn’t the only thing you need to keep your wine from. You’ll also want to watch for outside light. Light has a negative effect on wine, as it reacts poorly to some chemicals in the wine itself. This alters the wine’s taste, and can ruin it overall. This is why many vineyards use dark-tinted wine bottles.

However, these tints slow down the process, but they don’t prevent it. Therefore, you want to make sure your wine storage choices keep it away from outside light. Even interior lights can cause harm to the wine. Therefore, try to keep your wine someplace that’s consistently low in light.

Keep it on the side

Many stores will sell their wine in an upright position. This might make you think this is the correct way to place wine. However, this is actually an example of incorrect wine storage. Keeping wine upright prevents it from being in contact with the cork, and loosens the overall seal of the cork.

This allows more oxygen to enter the bottle, and ruin the wine. However, keeping the wine on its side avoids this problem. This way, the wine is always pushing up on the cork. This strengthens the seal, and keeps the wine much fresher for much longer.