Withdrawal Insomnia: Finding Relief and Catching Z’s

Many people are trying to use their time spent in quarantine to sober up. However, this does mean you’ll have to deal with frustrating withdrawal symptoms, such as withdrawal insomnia. Not being able to sleep can be both draining and unhealthy. Therefore, it’s key to know how you can potentially find relief…

Withdrawal Insomnia: Ease Your Symptoms

Sleep and withdrawals

Withdrawal insomnia is something which can occur with any sort of addiction, whether it be alcohol or prescription pills. Everyone is different, therefore the symptoms you experience could vary. For example, it could be that you have trouble falling asleep when you want to. Or, you might not be able to get any sleep at all.

In fact, it could take up the 6 months to return to normal sleep patterns! Still, those first few days are important for getting plenty of sleep. Being sleep deprived will make the rest of your symptoms worse and make it harder to stick to your recovery goals.

Set up sleep rituals

One good way to fight withdrawal insomnia is by having sleep rituals. A large part of the recovery process is replacing bad habits with healthy ones. It’s possible that you’re used to staying up late and sleeping in a lot. Now is the perfect time to try and set a “normal” sleep schedule.

One good way to do this is by setting times for when you’ll try to sleep and wake up. That way, your body becomes accustomed to the new schedule. You can also try some activities which’ll help you wind down before bed, such as reading. This will help you get nice and calm before trying to sleep.

Try natural methods

When dealing with withdrawal insomnia, you’ll want to be careful about taking any sleep medication. The last thing you want is to replace one form of addictive behavior with another. Instead, try to opt for some more natural methods instead.

One popular option is to drink some soothing, caffeine-free tea before trying to sleep. Others like to try meditation or exercising during the day. These natural options will not just help you fall asleep, but they’ll also help make your body feel better in the process.