How-to Attend a Tailgate Without Drinking

Although this year tailgating may not be a thing due to Covid-19, tailgating is a popular pastime during football and other sporting event seasons. These activities usually involve large amounts of food, camaraderie, and a lot of drinking. If you are wanting to avoid drinking alcohol for any reason, a tailgate may be an uncomfortable situation for you. However, it does not need to be uncomfortable. There are plenty of ways to attend a tailgate without drinking.

How-to Attend a Tailgate Without Drinking: Social Situations

Beverage Alternatives

There are many non-alcoholic drink options that you can have at a tailgate. You could have a soda to drink. Just put it in a coozie to keep it cool, or you could pour it into a cup if you were wanting to be discreet. (Virgin Rum and Coke, anyone?) Sometimes, tailgates can get really warm, so another option is to just keep hydrated with water. If this is too plain for you, there are many flavored waters available. If you are hosting the tailgate, you could even think of making non-alcoholic party drinks, and lettings others spike them if they want to.

You can even buy little flavoring bottles where you can squeeze a little flavor of your choice into a water bottle. If you feel like you are missing out on the taste of beer, opt for a non-alcoholic beer like Heineken 0.0. These are great alternatives so that you can attend a tailgate without drinking.

Pretend to Drink

It is not hard to find a solution for showing up at a tailgate without drinking, no matter the reason. There are times when you may not want anyone to know you are not drinking. For example, if you are pregnant but not ready to tell anyone yet, you will not want to tip anyone off by not drinking. In this case, just open something in an opaque container so that no one can see how much of a drink you have remaining. Just do not forget to “take a sip” every now and then. If you have to drink from a clear container, only add in the mixer and pretend to add in alcohol. Just do not let anyone else play bartender for you.

There may be the event that you get stuck with an alcoholic beverage anyways. One tip is that you could pour out some of your drink in a discreet area behind some cars. If you are with your significant other, and they have not had much to drink , they could take small sips from your cup so that it looks like you are making progress. You could also just set the drink down somewhere and engage in another activity instead. Sometimes there are games, like corn hole at tailgates. This could be a great “hands-free” activity that would allow you to be drinkless for a while.