How-to Throw a Party Without Alcohol: Alternatives

Are you wanting to throw a party without alcohol? Perhaps you do not drink, or you just do not want the temptation to be there. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of alternatives to alcohol. You do not have to have alcohol there to have a fun party. Here are some tips to how to have an amazing time without having to worry about hangovers.

How-to Throw a Party Without Alcohol: Alternatives to Consider


As a good host at a gathering, you will still want to provide beverages, even if they are non-alcoholic. There are many options for this. For example, you could make a punch or even lemonade. If want to still stick to a party-vibe, make some mock-tails, non-alcoholic sangria, or even grab some non-alcoholic beers and sparkling grape juice. Also, make sure to still have plenty of water to keep guests hydrated. If you want to get fancy, you can make frozen drinks like a frosted lemonade, slushies or even milkshakes. These will be some refreshing options for your guests if you are going to throw a party without alcohol.

On the other hand, if it’s a cold weather gathering, some warm drinks would be a good option. You could offer coffee, hot chocolate or even a hot apple cider. These drinks will be both warm as well as delicious.

Prepare Your Guests

If you do not want your guests showing up with alcohol, make sure you set the expectations before they arrive. Especially if you are wanting to stay away from any temptations of drinking, let your guests know this is a party without alcohol. It is up to you to decide if you want to let your guests know why you are wanting to have a booze-free party. If anyone gives you a hard time about the party being dry, do not let it bother you. If they are not interested in just coming to hang out with you and just looking to drink, you do not want them at your party anyways.

Games and Activities

If you would rather spend the entire time just socializing, that is okay. However, you could also plan some sort of game or activity as well. There are plenty of games you could play without them having to be drinking games. Try a round of charades or even download the party game to have your whole group laughing the entire night. Or you could still have some music playing and encourage people to dance. You can basically do any activity that you would have normally done, just without the booze. Follow these steps and you will have a really run party without alcohol.