How-to Turn Down Alcohol

It can be tough to get sober when everyone else around you still drinks. The feeling of peer pressure can cause you to keep drinking, even when you don’t want to. Therefore, it’s helpful to know how you can turn down alcohol. These methods can allow you to keep sober and avoid outside influence…

How-to Turn Down Alcohol: Useful Methods

Say you don’t drink

One of the simplest ways to turn down alcohol is by saying you don’t drink. It might seem simple, but it actually tends to work. When people are aware that you don’t drink, then they’ll know to not offer you alcohol. That way, you won’t have to worry about them suggesting it in the future.

Still, there may be some people who don’t get the message. Instead, they may try and pester you until you drink. Here, you can choose to tell them you don’t drink because you’re trying to get sober. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, then politely let them know that they’re making you feel uncomfortable.

Say you’ve had enough

Another way to turn down alcohol is by saying you’ve actually had enough to drink. This works like the opposite of saying you don’t drink. By saying that you’ve already had enough to drink, then other people won’t try and make you have any more to drink.

Again, you may have some who do try and encourage you to drink more. Usually, these are people who tend to go over their limits as well. Sometimes, it can be as easy as saying you will in a bit and letting them forget about it.

Say you’re the designated driver

An easy way to turn down alcohol is by stating you’re someone’s designated driver. The designated driver needs to be sober in order to get the person they’re driving home back safely. Because of this, many people will realize that they shouldn’t offer you anything to drink, as you need to stay sober.

This method works well even on those who tend to be more persistent. Plus, you may even get some help from other people. Those who understand how important designated drivers are will help get other people off your back about drinking.