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While everyone knows an Anderson DUI is serious, who do you call for help? Before deciding, you should compare the experience and credentials of several lawyers. After all, this is a very important decision, and who you hire can make a difference. So here is what we offer:

  • Robert J. Reeves is a trial lawyer with 30 years of experience in both criminal and civil courts.
  • Zac Fry is a former SC DUI prosecutor.
  • Both lawyers are members of The National Trial Lawyers and National College for DUI Defense.
  • We focus our criminal defense practice on DUI, DUAC, and felony DUI cases.
  • All clients have our direct mobile phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Our lawyers are personally available when you need answers. Evenings. Weekends. Holidays.

How We Do Our Job in Anderson DUI Cases

After you retain our firm, we notify the Court and request all evidence in your case. Once we get it, we look at everything for possible legal errors. In addition, we also review all videos to see how you look. While juries listen to all evidence, they usually decide cases based on what they see and hear for themselves. Hence, that’s why we love video. Either you look and sound drunk, or you don’t. So our first goal is to find a legal error. But if we don’t, we look at whether your case is good for a jury trial. Once we finish our evidence review, we sit down with you and go over our recommendations and your options. Because you know what is best for your family, you make all decisions in your case. Certainly, we will advise you, but you remain in charge. So call now.

Anderson DUI or DUAC: What’s the Difference?

DUI stands for “driving under (the) influence,” DUAC is “driving (with an) unlawful alcohol concentration.” And that’s about the only difference. While some folks believe DUAC is a lesser charge, it is not. In fact, the punishment for both charges is exactly the same. So what does it matter? Well, to prove a DUAC, the State must show a BAC level of 0.08 or higher. Consequently, in these cases, we focus our defense on the weaknesses of the breath test machine. But in DUI cases, the State can prove either a BAC reading and/or “material and appreciable impairment.” Either way, we look at everything to do our very best for you. So call now.

Video Evidence

Because South Carolina has mandatory video recording laws, your case begins the moment you see blue lights. That’s when the police have to start filming the initial stop and their DUI investigation. In addition, the State must also record all roadside field sobriety tests, your arrest, and Miranda warnings. And once back at the police station, police also have to record all breath testing procedures as well. While video is everywhere now, South Carolina is the only state that requires police video recordings. Further, errors in the video may keep out parts of the evidence or, in some cases, even a full dismissal. So call now.

Get Answers to Your Questions Now

So if you need an Anderson DUI attorney, call now for a free telephone consultation. Or stop by our Anderson office located at 2105-B North Main Street, Anderson, SC 29621. To speak directly with Robert J. Reeves, call his mobile phone (864) 760-8252 or email robert@rjrlaw.com. To reach Zac Fry, call (803) 250-9424 or email zac@rjrlaw.com.